2023 Footy Tipping

Let's get tipping!

Footy tipping is back for the 2023 season.

It is back! Whether you want to redeem yourself or live up to from last year, now’s your chance to score within the massive $2,000 prize pool.

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Season Prizes

Prizes will be awarded on the total score, not by margins, in the Facey Property competition. (Tips only)

If two people tip the same amount, but their margin is different, we won’t rank by a margin – prize money will be shared equally.

If there are multiple winners, the prize money will be pooled and divided.


  • If two people with the same score come first, the accumulated first and second prizes will be divided equally ($500 each).
  • Two equal second places but one clear winner (second and third prizes will be accumulated and split – $200 each)
  • Two equal third place, but one clear winner and one clear second, prize money will be split ($50 each)
  • Streak winners will share the prize money equally if there are multiple winners

Overall Prizes

Awarded at the completion of Round 24
Winner: $700
2nd Place: $300
3rd Place: $100
Streak Winner: $200

Mid-Season Prizes

Halfway Leader (at the completion of Round 12): $200
Pick 9*: $100

*Pick 9 is held on each of the following weeks: 1, 6, 12, 17, 21, and will jackpot if not won!

These prizes are jackpots; therefore, if not won on a particular week, the carried-over prize money will be added to the next Pick 9 week. Note if there are multiple winners, the prize money for that week is shared equally.

However, if more than five people pick 9 in any given week, the prize will be a jackpot (e.g. $20 each will be paid out to five winners, but if there are six winners, it is a jackpot)


All prizes will be awarded and distributed at the conclusion of the season.

This competition is only for Facey Property clients, staff and family, including;

  • Current and past clients
  • Current or past landlords
  • Current or past tenants
  • Staff and their immediate family
  • Suppliers

It is an invite-only corporate event, and you may be removed from the competition if you can not identify and confirm a relationship with Facey Property, as stated above. Further, you will be requested to provide this information before being distributed any prize money.


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