Level Crossing Removal

34 of the most dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne have officially been removed. 

The benefits of removing level crossings include:

  • Improving traffic flow 
  • More reliable travel time 
  • Safer conditions for vehicles and trains 
  • Removal of shared paths 

The Cranbourne and Pakenham train lines have had 11 level crossings completed and the benefits are already noticeable to these areas. 

The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) responsible for the removal of 75 crossings by 2025 identified the following locations on these lines as priority crossing removal sites: 


Main StreetMcGregor RoadRacecourse RoadCardinia Road


Webster StreetGreens RoadEvans RoadCamms Road 

Sites have been prioritised and selected using four key principles of the Site Prioritisation Framework: 


Prioritise sites where excessive delays caused by high train frequencies and high traffic volumes cause delay and unreliable journeys. 


Prioritise sites where high train frequencies limit connectivity between communities and impedes access to important facilities. 


Prioritise sites with a record of incidents or a high risk of incidents. 


Sites where there is an opportunity to increase investment efficiency and minimise disruption impacts on the community and business, through leveraging delivery of other projects across the network. 

To find out more about the level crossing removal project visit their website: 

https://levelcrossings.vic.gov.auAs Featured In The Property Preview, Edition 2 2020 – Available Online Now!