Milestone Anniversaries at Facey

2018 The Milestone Anniversary Year At Facey

This year we see Graham ‘Josh’ Kendall, Sharon Stamatopoulos (nee Mason), Rae Weekely and Matt O’Dea all celebrating milestone anniversaries.

At Facey, we have a proven culture of longevity among our staff with over 265 years combined experience. More than half of our team have been with us for longer than four years and four of these have celebrated milestone anniversaries in 2018!
Graham ‘Josh’Kendall with 30 years, Sharon Stamatopoulos with 15 years and 10 years each for Matt O’Dea and Rae Weekley.

Director Graham ‘Josh’ Kendall had this to say about his time at Facey: ‘The development of the Facey brand was a real career highlight for me. Initially, it was an adjunct to the residential arm of Facey, now it’s a significant business in its own right. 

A common theme that emerges among staff is that it is the people that make Facey a great place to work. “It was clear from the start that this was not just a group of workers, but a real team of people who enjoy each others company’, said partner Matt O’Dea.

As the Facey family continues to grow, we look forward to celebrating more milestones with our trusted team. 

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