Property Management

Industrial and commercial property management

Facey is an influential and trusted authority on property in Melbourne’s South East.

We specialise in industrial and commercial property management services and pride ourselves on having the necessary skills to manage your property with experience, insight, and local knowledge.

You can trust our property management specialists to provide tailored management and up-to-date advice for your investment portfolio, no matter the size. Our team consistently delivers Industrial and commercial rental and occupancy levels well above self-managed properties.

We’ll aim to protect your asset and maximise your return on investment, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

At Facey, we can provide targeted advice and marketing to your business to help you build and manage a portfolio in Melbourne’s booming South East. From commercial property management in Dandenong, Cranbourne, Pakenham and Hallam, to properties in Gippsland and the Bay, let us manage your investments with our knowledge of local markets and extensive experience in the community.

Watch our video below to find out more about our property management team and services.

What the team at Facey can do for you

At Facey, we focus on clear communication with your tenant to create strong, long-lasting relationships.

We will educate our tenants through all stages of the industrial and commercial rental lease, from the initial documentation and obligations to the final make-good and exit.

We will protect your asset! Our team has access to high-quality tradespeople to ensure that any repairs or maintenance are conducted by skilled professionals. We are also well-versed in the costs and values of maintenance work so that you receive top-quality workmanship without overpaying.

We inspect for you! From the initial condition report and subsequent annual inspections, we aim to identify issues before they arise. As an additional check, Essential Safety Measures contractors are engaged to ensure your building remains compliant.

We negotiate for you! Our local knowledge and database of lease transactions allows us to capitalise your market rental at lease renewal time.

We administer for you! Adherence by your tenant to their lease obligations is important in maintaining a successful relationship between all stakeholders. Regular landlord payments ensures timely processing of your rental funds, and consistent follow up of your tenant limits any rental arrears. Annual income/expenditure statements are provided to assist with your financial reporting.

Experienced property managers give you peace of mind

With experience in industrial and commercial property management in Melbourne, you can rest assured that our team is equipped to assist you with everything you need. From finance management to inspections of your assets, our team will work to understand your specific requirements and tailor a property management solution that works for you.

We streamline our industrial and commercial property services processes to promote long-term relationships with our professional and experienced portfolio managers. Your property manager will also be supported by our leasing, accounts, and administration departments to ensure that all your needs are met.

At Facey, we’re here to work in your best interests and care for your tenants to ensure long, strong relationships that will help maximise your investment in industrial or commercial property.

For more information about our commercial property management in Melbourne, please contact the team at Facey Property on (03) 9701 4455.


Educating tenants of leasing responsibilities.

Annual inspections reported to landlords.

Consultation of maintenance items by providing quotes for rectification works of regular servicing.

Regular reporting of rental and outgoings arrears via twice weekly follow up of tenants.

Essential Safety Measure Annual Reports noting your building’s compliance.

Maximising Your Return

Implementation of annual rent reviews.

Negotiation of market reviews at time of lead renewals.

High retention of tenants by maintaining strong relationships.

Facilitating quotes to minimise operating costs, while maintaining high standards from contractors.

Advice on items that will increase the value and appeal of the building for future tenants.

Customised Management

Condition reports conducted on commencement and termination of each tenancy.

Annual income/expenditure statements provided to assist with your financial reporting.

Regular payment runs to Landlords ensures your rent is paid to you efficiently.

Selection of quality tradespeople on hand that complements your individual requirements.

A Well Resourced Team

Streamlined approach to property management, promoting long-term relationships with our experienced portfolio managers. 

Supported by the Leasing team who possess strong relationships with landlords and tenants.

Dedicated accounts and administration teams, driven by attention to detail to ensure efficient finance management of your property.