FaceyTime with Director, Mark Bond – June 2020

There Are Great Opportunities And We’ve Got Some Sensational Investments On Offer. 

G’day Mark Bond from Facey Property.

It’s been wonderful to get your positive feedback about these videos. Moving forward we would like to make these videos a little bit more informative for you, so please feel free to raise topics and make contact with us so we can explore those with you over the coming weeks.

Industrial property continues to be the asset class that people are focused on; there are great opportunities and we’ve got some sensational investments in our upcoming Property Preview; but don’t forget about the bulky goods, the offices and the retail assets that are out there to be explored. Like most commercial property it can turn its hand to be one thing or another depending upon the occupant.

Now while we are talking about retail, the Retail Leases Act is under revision it’s in the parliament at the moment now whilst our politicians have other things that they’re focusing on you’ve got to understand that this act is being amended and that’s going to mean really positive changes for both landlords and tenants talk to one of my guys about how that might affect you talk to you soon.