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Facey Property welcomes family and friends to join our tipping competition, with great prizes on offer!

Closed over Christmas

  This is just a friendly reminder from the Facey Property’s commercial real estate agent that we are closed over the Christmas break from Tuesday the 21st of December, and we will be back on Monday the 10th of January. We hope you all have a safe and restful holiday.

Director’s Message – November 2020

Well, Lockdown 2.0 was a massive dark cloud over all Victorians up until a couple of weeks ago. The continued brilliance of small business to ‘pivot’ and ‘be inventive’ were the hallmarks of the past three months.  We pay tribute to the many companies still under restrictions and look forward to our gyms, cafes and…Read More→

FaceyTime with Director, Mark Bond – June 2020

FaceyTime with Director, Mark Bond - June 2020

There Are Great Opportunities And We’ve Got Some Sensational Investments On Offer.  G’day Mark Bond from Facey Property. It’s been wonderful to get your positive feedback about these videos. Moving forward we would like to make these videos a little bit more informative for you, so please feel free to raise topics and make contact…Read More→

Why now is the perfect time to buy or rent commercial property

The economic impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic have been well-documented, with many businesses and entire industries forced to reduce or suspend their operations entirely. With some restrictions gradually lifting across Australia, there is hope that business will be able to return to some semblance of normality sooner rather than later. But there is still…Read More→

FaceyTime with Partner, Matt O’Dea – May 2020Friday

FaceyTime with Partner, Matt O'Dea - May 2020

Facey Is Continuing To Help Navigate Through COVID-19.  Hi all, I hope you’re all keeping healthy. Isn’t it great to start to see the initial easing of restrictions here in Victoria.  The golfers in the office are up and about and certainly a bit more positivity in the air. It’s been another big fortnight for…Read More→

Planning the ultimate warehouse layout

Whether you are looking to start your new warehouse operation or breathe some new life into your existing business, planning is key to success. All warehouse spaces have different layouts, floorspaces and access points that need to be considered when setting up your racking solutions and determining how products are accessed efficiently. Furthermore, safety factors…Read More→

FaceyTime with Partner, Matt O’Dea – April 2020

FaceyTime with Partner, Matt O'Dea - April 2020

Facey Is Continuing To Help Navigate Through COVID-19.  The Federal Government has released a mandatory code for commercial landlords and tenants. Assisting our clients and our businesses in working through rental issues in a structured way.  To familiarise yourself the Code of Conduct (the code), the overarching principles and the leasing principles it refers click here. …Read More→

FaceyTime with Director, Mark Bond – April 2020

FaceyTime with Director, Mark Bond - April 2020

A Critical Time For Landlords And Tenants  The Facey Property Management Team understand that it is a critical time. Communication between landlords and tenants has never been more important, and it is our role to facilitate this. Call our hard-working team, ask questions and let’s work together to best get through this.  For all those…Read More→

FaceyTime with Director, Mark Bond – March

FaceyTime with Director, Mark Bond - March

COVID-19 has changed the property landscape in the short term and will continue to impact decisions for months to come. However, we believe that confidence in property as an asset class and Melbourne’s strong position as a leading demographic for new Australians/interstate interlopers will be the number one reason that investing in commercial real estate…Read More→