Business Parks The Future For All

Business Parks have long held the title of the industrial ugly duckling, although today their evolution sees flexible formats, quality environments and convenience for businesses like never before.

Business parks are transforming outer suburbs into employment hubs by creating flexible and efficient places for small and large businesses to operate. Whilst the larger Commercial Business Park Estates have worked hard to reinvent themselves as collaborative and dynamic workplace environments that offer amenity, technology and sustainability, their smaller format industrial counterparts are not far behind.

Industrial Business Parks have been re-imagined as vibrant, architecturally designed premises, with dynamic and adaptable designs. While access to arterial roads and transport infrastructure remain key drivers for a business’ relocation, proximity to surrounding residential suburbs is also just as important for staff and helps attract and retain employees as lifestyle becomes more important than the drudgery of a daily commute.

There is currently an impressive choice of business parks in various locations, each with a diverse mix of features, fit-outs, various floor plans and building styles to suit individual business’ needs. Generally speaking, these projects are better investments, returning sound yields and attractive entry prices. Newly built means less maintenance, and those with security options and gated communities ensures protection of your investment long term. 

The future is bright for business parks with a number of leading commercial builders choosing to develop quality parks in favour of single warehouses. The appetite of investors and the scarcity of land will only ensure this is where you want to buy!

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